Our Story


Driven by my creative vision of a botanical sanctuary, I weave whimsical illustrations into my fabrics that wrap your heart, soul and mind in a safe, gentle space. I create designs inspired by textile crafts and vintage botanical art, hand painting the main floral elements with watercolour and gouache.

Designer Helen Turner shares a story of an inspiring moment that lead to her career in design.

'When I was a little girl, my grandmother took me to pottery classes. She was a talented artist and ceramicist, and after my grandfather's untimely passing, she found the creative work therapeutic.
Using her hands to design beautiful art gave my grandmother an outlet for her grief, and it inspired my own career in art and design. I have a vivid memory of the white porcelain vase she helped me paint, the detail of the indigo blue design I drew, and the feeling of accomplishment I had when we pulled it from the kiln.

The mindful process of art and the feelings it evokes have stayed with me while I've honed my skills as an illustrator and designer. As a result, my collections are reminiscent of days gone by, a romantic reflection of the past where vintage glamour meets whimsical elegance.'
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