How to Wash Silk: Care for Delicate Silk Fabric

The most frequent question I get is how to wash silk without damaging the fabric or letting the colours run.

Although our silk products come with a 'Dry Clean' label (and this is certainly the safest way to clean them) I know it may not alway be possible to get your delicates to a dry cleaner.

With that in mind, I've put together a short 'How to Guide' on how to wash silk and what to do with your silk garments when they need a rinse so you can clean your items and preserve the beautiful material and colours.

I also want to mention in addition;

I wouldn't recommend using fabric softener and that my shampoo of choice is baby shampoo (as it's pH neutral)

Disclaimer: This is my personal advice given to the best of my knowledge, due to the variances of cleaning conditions, unfortunately we can't accept returns due to damaged goods on the basis of this advice. Hand wash with water only when necessary and with caution! Dry cleaning is still the official advice from the manufacturer.

Here is a little summary of the main tips from the video;