Introducing the new 'Garden of Dreams' design

Introducing the new 'Garden of Dreams' design

New collection in the works! called 'The Garden of Dreams' this print is inspired by a tropical paradise and Japanese woodblock prints. 

Visiting museums and country houses for their textile collections is a bit of a tradition in our family. I get so inspired looking at historical and vintage designs and fabrics.
I often take inspiration from historic patterns and even collage vintage botanical illustrations (especially insects) into my work. I love the idea of designing clothing that reflects this vintage aesthetic but still has a contemporary feel.

When I have found an artwork or printed textile as an inspirational starting point I begin painting flowers to use in my design.

Floral painting in watercolour

Once I have a few flower paintings I select my favourites and begin the process of 'collaging' my design together digitally and placing it on the garment. See below how the vintage illustration of a snake takes its place against the watercolour flower.

Once completed the artwork is sent off for printing and what you see in the cover photo is the first sample printed onto silk!

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