Botanical Floral Watercolour Designs

I'm Helen the creative director at Helen Loveday. I'm a textile designer and I love to paint flowers which is the basis for the brand, I'm so inspired by the beauty of the natural world and feel passionate about protecting it. Hand painted florals feature in all my designs you can see in the collections.

botanical watercolour painting
Working as a textile designer for fast fashion high street retailers, I've seen first hand how the motivation for profit overtakes any decisions about sustainability when sourcing products. Fed up of rushing to finish every design I decided to concentrate on what I enjoy most which is designing detailed floral illustrations that take weeks to create!
I started Helen Loveday in 2018 with the concept of sustainability at its foundation. I decided I would spend as long as it took to create beautiful designs I was happy with and that I would only print onto the best quality materials. My ethos is that instead of buying lots of cheap items that get cleared out after a season or two, making an investment in good quality clothing that you can enjoy wearing for years is the way forward! in the long run it will save you money and is better for the planet.